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I am Willonda, a highly experienced nonprofit professional and graphic designer with a strong background in marketing and development. I excel in creating visually compelling designs that effectively convey messages and enhance brand identities. I am skilled in typography, color theory, and layout design. I have a proven track record in successfully planning and executing fundraising events, securing significant donations for nonprofits. My expertise also extends to project management and communication, enabling me to collaborate effectively with clients and team members.

About Lillie K Designs


Lillie K Designs, headquartered in Kernersville, NC was established in 2021 by Willonda Hunt Thomas after the death of her beloved Grandmother, Johnsie Lillie Kathleen Moore Hunt.  Kathleen was affectionately named Nonnie by her grandchildren but was called Lillie Kat by her mother, father and 10 siblings.  Her love for art, flowers, design and creativity was the catalyst of Willonda’s love for design. Nonnie would paint, create ceramics, play music, sing, support the arts; all with her grandchildren in tow. Her passion for creativity transposed to Willonda’s love for graphic design, and Lillie K Designs was born.

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