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Graphic Design Subscription Plans

Find one that works for your budget!

  • Amplify Your Brand

    Every month
    +$50 One Time Account Set Up Fee
    The Amplify Tier is designed for small businesses and nonprofits who are just starting out or have limited budgets.
    • Professionally designed marketing collateral
    • Brochures
    • Flyers
    • Social media graphics
    • Unlimited design revisions
    • Fast turnaround times
    • Ongoing support from the team
  • Best Value

    Elevate Your Impact

    Every month
    +$50 One-Time Account Set Up Fee
    The Impact Tier is ideal for medium-sized businesses and nonprofits that are looking to make a bigger impact.
    • All services provided in the Amplify Tier
    • Customized designs for events
    • Newsletters
    • Banners
    • Website graphics
    • Branding alignment
    • Strong and impactful visual presence
  • Empowerment & Excellence

    Every month
    +$50 One-Time Account Set Up Fee
    The Empower Tier is designed for larger business and nonprofits with more complex marketing needs.
    • All services provided in the Amplify & Impact Tier
    • Strategic consulting
    • Brand development
    • Campaign planning
    • Comprehensive marketing strategy
    • Custom pricing based on specific requirements and scale

How It Works

Lillie K Designs offers Creative Services for organizations. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your goals, values, and audience. We'll determine the best service tier for you and discuss your design goals in a 30-minute session.

Sign Up

After analyzing the information gathered during the initial consultation, we will suggest the most appropriate tier from Amplify, Impact, or Empower tiers. You can then select the tier that best fits your budget and marketing requirements.

Job Request Submission

Once the subscription is established, you can start submitting job requests through our online platform.

Collaborative Design Process

Our graphic designers will work on the design with open communication and unlimited revisions for satisfaction.

Design Review & Approval

Once the design is completed, we will provide you with the final design for review. You can request any necessary revisions or approve the design for finalization.

Art Delivery

After final approval, we will deliver all completed marketing collateral to you in the appropriate file formats. You will have access to fast turnaround times, ensuring that you receive your materials in a timely manner.

Ongoing Support

Throughout the subscription period, you will have ongoing support from our experienced team. You can reach out with any questions or concerns and receive prompt assistance.

Subscription Renewal

At the end of the subscription period, you will have the option to renew your subscription for another term. You can choose to continue with the same tier or upgrade to a different tier based on your evolving needs.

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